1. Check that python 3 , Anaconda and git are installed.

  2. Clone the git repository :
    git clone    #clone the repo
    cd stellacode/ #go to the new folder
  3. Create a virtual python environment with conda with the needed packages:
    # create a new virtual environment named stellacode
    conda create --name stellacode python=3.6 matplotlib scipy dask opt_einsum jupyter
    conda activate stellacode # activate the environment
  1. (optional) Install Mayavi for 3D visualization
    pip install vtk
    pip install mayavi
  2. (optional) Run the tests.


    It can be memory expensive, around 16-20 GB and takes a few minutes.

    python -m unittest discover -s test
  3. (very optional) Install the package to compile the documentation (available here ).
    conda install -c conda-forge pandoc
    pip install -U sphinx
    pip install sphinx-autoapi nbsphinx nbsphinx-link